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About us

In 2011 just a pair of friends with nothing more than a dream and a few hundred dollars we worked hard to create the foundation of what would eventually become a multi-county, multi-discipline corporation that would service hundreds of thousands of customers over the next decade. All Town Ambulance arose through the consistent hard work and foresight of a focused management team and a high performance, customer centric employee base.

All Town Ambulance started in the urban areas of Los Angeles, California with a single ambulance unit in the field. With integrity and professionalism, we were able to expand with a fleet of many more units over the next few years. The vision and dedication of this management team combined with committed field employees has allowed All Town Ambulance to achieve excellence by meeting the changing demands of the health care community.

All Town Ambulance is dedicated to evolving as the nature of EMS itself evolves.  We constantly stay at the forefront of advancements in emergency medical services and have invested heavily into the enhancement of patient safety and practitioner comfort. This includes updating to the very newest in monitor technology, High Flow Nasal Cannula technology and the very best Stryker gurneys.

Our vision is to provide excellent quality service in the medical transportation industry by sustaining an operationally and financially sound organization while maintaining the highest level of patient care. We strive to accomplish this mission by devoting maximum effort in providing exceptional service, quality patient care, prompt response, as well as satisfying the needs of our customers. All Town places a high level of value on integrity and professionalism in building partnerships with the many respected healthcare facilities we continually serve.

All Town Ambulance is dedicated to the equitable treatment of all of its patients and employees. All Town has consistently been an employer with transparent and forthright practices in regards to employment, promotion and wages. We pride ourselves in being an ally to the community and the entirety of its diverse cultures.

Contact us

Please call Toll-Free 877-599-4282 to schedule transportation, speak to someone in our Billing/Dispatch Departments, or if you have any other questions or concerns.


Daniel Orca – General Manager 

Phone: (818) 787-8737


Designated Infection Control Officer (DICO)