If you are having a Life Threatening emergency CALL 911


Our services

All Town Ambulance services are available for patients 24/7

Hospital Admissions & Discharges

Being admitted or discharged, whenever you need mobility assistance, you can count on our safe and caring transportation to and from the hospital.

Bariatric Transport

For patients who require bariatric services, we have the latest in Stryker Gurneys and well trained crews that can accomodate whatever needs the patient has.

High Flow Nasal Cannula

We utilize AirVo2 units for specialty transports

Outpatient Services

All Town Ambulance is available to assist you for outpatient services that include same day surgery, various tests and appointments, cancer treatments, and dialysis.

Basic Life Support (BLS)

Our BLS ambulance service caters to patients in need of supervision or medical attention while in transit.

Stair Chair

We have the capability to transfer patients up and downstairs safely.

Critical Care Transport (CCT)

All our CCT-RNs are professionally trained to use ECG monitors, IV pumps, high flow and Ventilators. This allows us to safely transport patients with more critical demands.

Advance Life Support (ALS)

Equipped with ECG monitors. This gives us the capability to transport patients with cardiac related complications. In addition to providing higher level of care.


Our team of ambulances can be utilized during functions or events. Allowing us to be actively on scene incase of any medical emergencies. We will remain dedicated to your specific event and needs.

Respiratory Therapist (RT)

Our RTs are specialized health care practitioners equipped with the skills to operate a Ventilator and high flow machine to provide during transportation.

Other medically needed transport

Please contact our scheduling department to determine if your required transport will be covered by your insurance

Contact us

Please call Toll-Free 877-599-4282 to schedule transportation, speak to someone in our Billing/Dispatch Departments, or if you have any other questions or concerns.


Daniel Orca – General Manager 

Phone: (818) 787-8737


Designated Infection Control Officer (DICO)